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Wheel Alignment

Unbalanced tyres can make driving a bit of a struggle. When your wheels are out of balance, it may lead to uneven wear on the rubber and cause vibrations when driving. In some cases, it may even lead to potentially unsafe driving conditions. This is where our work comes in. 

Steve’s Tyre Service is the top destination for people looking for wheel balancing and alignment services in Palmerston North. When our specialists will align and balance your wheels, you can relax knowing we are making sure that the tyres will spin as evenly as possible. 

Our wheel balancing service includes: 

  • Tyre and wheel removal and remounting 
  • Checking each wheel for imbalance using our state-of-the-art balancing machine 
  • Spinning the wheels to ensure the weight is evenly balanced around the axle 

The Need for Balance 

The wearing out of the rubber and treads affects the distribution of weight around the tyre and wheel assembly. Balancing the wheels minimises vibrations often felt on the steering wheel, seats, or floorboards of the vehicle. This also helps in giving you a smoother ride and aiding in proper tyre treadwear. 



Getting in Line 

We also offer wheel alignment in Palmerston North. We understand potholes, road wear, constant bumps and hitches, and even accident can knock your wheels out of alignment. Our service gets the tyres back in line, provides optimal tyre wear, and better vehicle handling. 

Our wheel alignment work is the ideal solution when you feel your vehicle is “pulling” to one side when driving. Our specialists will measure and correct wheel angles by setting them according to the manufacturer’s specification. We also:

  • Ensure proper weight placement and distribution around the tyre and rim assemblies 
  • Inspect steering and suspension systems 
  • Adjust wheels so they are parallel to each other and are perpendicular to the ground. 

Our wheel alignment service in Palmerston North can improve driver safety, give you a smoother ride, and increase fuel efficiency. This can also save you hundreds of dollars in tyre replacement and repairs. 

Work only with the best. Get in touch with Steve’s Tyre Service today and we’ll keep your wheels in perfect harmony.

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