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  • 67 Grey Street, Palmerston North

Puncture Repairs

Many of today’s tyres are stronger and more difficult to puncture, but sometimes, getting a flat tyre is inevitable. The repair of tyre punctures is a tedious task, as it has to meet industry and New Zealand regulations. This is where we come in.

Steve’s Tyre Service is a trusted tyre shop in Palmerston North. We offer a range of quality tyres, wheels, and related products, as well as top notch services you can always count on. When you get a flat tyre, count on our puncture repair service to handle the problem and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Palmerston North Turns to Steve’s Tyre Service

We understand that not all punctures are repairable, which is why our team makes it a point to check your flat tyre problem before proceeding with any work. We’ll get down to the bottom of the problem and recommend the appropriate repair works with your safety in mind.

Clients can always count on our puncture repairs to get their tyre all patched up and back on the road in no time. Whether the tyre was flattened due to getting punctured with a sharp object, failure of the valve stern, problem with the tyre and rim link, or just because the treads have been pushed to the limits, we can handle it.

More than the damage, we also look into the different factors before recommending repairs. Punctured tyres can only be repaired if:

  • The puncture is within what we call the “repairable zone”
  • The puncture is no more than 6mm, both in diameter and length
  • The puncture is no more than 6mm, both in diameter and length
  • There is no more than one puncture for each tyre quadrant
  • The tyre is still of a suitable age and condition, and with appropriate tread depth.

Our puncture repairs ensure your tyres return to ‘within safe tolerance” of when they were newly manufactured. If it unrepairable, we’ll gladly assist you with the replacement.

Simply call or head on over to our shop today and we’ll do the work on your tyre without any extra hassle.